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 General Forum Rules

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General Forum Rules Empty
PostSubject: General Forum Rules   General Forum Rules Icon_minitimeMon Nov 24, 2008 4:13 am


1. Respect one another.
2. If you can respect one another, then you must respect the staff.
4. No flaming/fighting/bashing, whatever. Flaming = Attacking other users. This one is related to #1.
5. For new members, please do not forget to introduce yourselves. We have a section for that.
6. Watch your language! Foul words will not be tolerated.
7. In introducing yourself, please create a new thread for yourself. Do not introduce yourself in someone else's thread.
8. Multiple accounts are not allowed. We have an IP tracker, you know.
9. HACKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Attempts to do so will result to permanent banning, and you wouldn't want that now, would you?
10. Please report to any of the staff if you see a violator, or just press their warning button. 3 warnings result to a permanent ban.


1. Post topics in the right categories/sections.
2. Before you create a new thread, please double-check the forum you are going to post in, so as to avoid multiple threads.
3. When posting content that is not yours, please GIVE DUE CREDIT TO YOUR SOURCE. Please don't be rude and claim all your info as yours, if it is not.
4. No posting of explicit content. Posts like these require a warning.
5. When you post, make sure it has some sense in it, therefore, one-liners and useless posts are not allowed.
6. Try as much to avoid DOUBLE POSTING. The only one allowed to double-post are those who are posting more than 20 magazine/calendar/photobook scans, since there is an image limit per post.
7. Posts that have less than 3 words are considered as SPAM.
8. When posting long articles, please change your font size to 1 to avoid too much scrolling.
9.When posting in hose threads PLEASE USE ENGLISH!! except those in meet up country

That's all for now.If I have anythng updated,I'll inform later.Try as much to obey the rule,so that we can keep this forum alive and stable and of coz life longer!Minna,Ganbtte!

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General Forum Rules
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