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 General Operating Standards (read here FIRST~)

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PostSubject: General Operating Standards (read here FIRST~)   Tue Feb 24, 2009 5:44 am

Hello to all members of WI!
You are currently reading the general operating standards for the blog section.
This place tells you what to expect, post requirements, and some general rules~
ok, straight to the point:

1) Minimum word limit for each reply: 5 (EXCLUDING common courtesy of 'thanks')
E.g. "Thank you for sharing these with us" is NOT ACCEPTED even though the min. word limit is reached. Please reply something OTHER than that.

2) Please type in English AT ALL TIMES.
Common romaji such as "kawaii", "ne", "deshou", etc etc is acceptable, though [[=

3) Hide codes are added to every posts in the month.
You only have to reply ONCE in order to be able to see the subsequent messages. We know it is difficult to post something 'with content' for the first time, but please post a simple reply, and then EDIT your post accordingly. We hope that for every post WaT has made, you will give your comments too. After all this is a forum where all members get together and talk!

4) As with general rules, being SHY is PROHIBITED!
According to Wikipedia, Shyness may fade over time. Therefore, unless you're a five-year-old, PLEASE SPEAK UP~

5) WaT's posts are collected in a monthly basis.
As you can see, Teppei blogs almost everyday. So, it is very difficult for members to search for the posts (especially if he or she is not a very frequent visitor due to time constraint or whatsoever) if we were to post a new thread for every single blog. Threads will be locked after a two-month period. Which means you cannot reply to these posts. Hide codes will be deleted and the materials will be free. But please do not wait for 2 months to read their posts just because you do not want to reply, or are SHY. XD

6) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PM me or reply in this thread if you know Japanese and is willing to help translate the blog posts too.
I would be really glad if someone here is willing to help out with the posts. And feel free to correct any mistakes that I have made so far in the posts. =DD

7) Please do not reproduce the materials you see under this subforum without written (typed) permission.
As above. If you do wish to post the translations somewhere else, please send a PM or email to our admin or moderators. [[=

8 ) All in all, please abide by the rules and respect our forum operating standards.
Any prohibitors will be warned. We are all here to support WaT together, and not to leech off any items or free materials, so do cooperate. We're all nice people [[;
And please stay vigilant, everyone. You can just PM any of us, or click on the 'warn' button if you see someone breaking the rules or something.


i really really appreciate everyone who actually reads these things.
although i cant give you money or whatever, i will definitely remember you.

so, do drop a message here to acknowledge your presence!


Rules are for the obedience of fools and guidance of wise men

- Douglas Bader

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General Operating Standards (read here FIRST~)
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