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 What would you do if?

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Newborn Senpai
Newborn Senpai

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What would you do if? Empty
PostSubject: What would you do if?   What would you do if? Icon_minitimeSat Jun 05, 2010 9:14 am

Ok, it really has been a long long time since i wrote something here, and i miss everyone in the Forum!!! Sad Sad
So i decided to wrote something ,more like a quiz^^About the things that you would do if Koike Teppei did or said anything to you.....EXITING!!!!
Ok so here it goes :

1)There was an international competition about wining a whole day with Teppei Kun.And you won!!!How would feel first and would you accept it??( i think everyone will has the same answer here Wink Wink

2)You went to Japan and in the airport you saw Koike Teppei . He was walking towards you, what would you do then??

3)One day , you were with your boyfriend in a supermarket, and you saw Teppei Kun what would you do??

4)In a sunny day, you were swimming with your friends and you saw Teppei Kun swimming near you.What would you do??

5)In WaT's concert, there was a competition about one girl who will get to sing with Teppei Kun a song, any song.And you won, you got up on stage and Teppei was right in front of you,smiling at you!You choose a song and suddenly you forgot all the lyrics !!What would you do!!!

6)Your boyfriend knew how much you loved Koike Teppei, and one day he asked you :Who do you love more Me or Teppei?What would you do??

7)Let say that you had one last wish, and it will defeniltly come true!!Will you wish something about Teppei??

So........???What will be your answers???I will start^^

1)How would i feel!!!!I will feel so so so so so so happy!!!Of course i will accept it who wouldn't??

2)I will walk towards him too and say to him: I'm a huge fan of yours !!!Can i get your autograph??

3)Hmmmmm hard one!!!With my boyfriend!!!He will feel so mad if i went to Teppei!!
I guess i will ask my boyfriend if he can let me take a photo with him and have an autograph^^If yes i will do it if not i will feel disappointed and not do it!!! Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

4)I will do nothing it would be embarrassing!!I will let him relax and not bother him -_-

5) Shocked Shocked OMG i will ....hmmmm.....i will say i'm sorry i forgot the lyrics and sing another one if possible Crying or Very sad

6)hmmmm .....I will say: I love you, i'm a fan of his , nothing more.^^

7)I will wish about something i really need if i don't need anything then i will defenitly wish that Teppei was my boyfriend ^_^
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Super Kohei
Super Kohei

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What would you do if? Empty
PostSubject: Re: What would you do if?   What would you do if? Icon_minitimeSat Jul 24, 2010 2:30 am

this is super interesting tquiz amouna chan !! Smile)
let me answer too Smile)

1. Ofcourse what would every fangirls do? Scream !!! .. i'll accept it with my whole heart, body, mind and soul !!

2. I'll greet him and say i'm a fan. Take a picture and ask for a kiss ! haha (oh? is that too much?)

3.Since I saw him at the airport, i'll greet again and ask if he remember me and i would like to chat a bit and forget that my boyfriend is with me. (im being honest) oh, and take a picture with him.

4.I'll talk to him again and introduce to my friends. I guess he would remember me this time. Take a picture again and also admire his oh so great body !!! Razz

5.This would happened to me if ever I win something like this. I'll smile and say I love you Teppei give him a hug and whisper to him that I forgot the lyrics so he can back me up. This would be kinda embarrassing right ?

6.i'll say, teppei will be always in my heart no matter what. but right now he is no.2 and you are my no.1 ..

7.no, i will wish for something that includes my self and teppei. i'll will that he would fall in love with me !!!.. hahaha ! a desperate fangirl here.

guys, these are my super honest answer ever !
i hope everyone can answer this !!!
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What would you do if?
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