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 oricon:men with beautiful skin

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PostSubject: oricon:men with beautiful skin   Fri Jul 17, 2009 11:34 pm

With demand for men's cosmetics and salons increasing, people are
becoming more conscious of male beauty. As a result, Oricon surveyed
500 males ranging from their teens to their forties, creating a "men
with beautiful skin" ranking.

Teppei Koike was ranked first with his white, smooth skin and envious looks. Actor and musician Masaharu Fukuyama followed Koike at second while Gackt took third place in the rankings.

  1. Teppei Koike
  2. Masaharu Fukuyama
  3. Gackt
  4. Takuya Kimura
  5. Hiro Mizushima
  6. Eiji Wentz
  7. Haruma Miura
  8. Hiroshi Tamaki
  9. Tomohisa Yamashita
  10. Hideaki Takizawa
teppei n eiji are all in this chart!!!!
soso excited!!!
we must regconise that their skins are great..rite..?=)
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Newborn Senpai

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PostSubject: Re: oricon:men with beautiful skin   Tue Jul 21, 2009 4:10 am

Sugoi now this is great!!!!!It was expected because Teppei-kun is advertising Acnes !!He has such smooooooooooooooooooth skin you can tell it from the pictures !!!
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oricon:men with beautiful skin
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