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 SORRY: Snow's going to be away sometimes!!

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PostSubject: SORRY: Snow's going to be away sometimes!!   Sat May 30, 2009 9:41 am

as above~

work's been hectic.
and i've gotta rush out school reports and stuff.
but my schedules not fixed though.
i cant confirm when my hiatus would be,
but i would be on hiatus mode for some periods at times.
im sorry everyone, for not telling you that i was going to be away for the past few weeks.
im really sorry i havent been posting the journals up as well.

but here's the main idea:
teppei's done with the shooting of his new movie: Black Genkai and he is really looking forward to it.
teppei's going to have a new solo single, and he just went for PV shooting few days ago.
and also, teppei went to watch eiji's stage play.
speaking of stage play, wentz was talking about the stage play in his newest entries.
he blogged because a member of the stage play was taken ill and the stage play has to be cancelled on that day, and wentz apologies for it and hopes everyone could understand.

again, im sorry everyone!!!!!!

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SORRY: Snow's going to be away sometimes!!
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